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Expertise in Heavy Duty, Protective & Intumescent Coatings:

Painting forth rail bridge protective intumescent coatings

“If there’s a better way of doing it, find it!” Thomas Edison

Originally intending to specialise in leadership training, Dick’s old network of customers had other ideas as they began asking for his help in finding solutions to a wide range of technical questions regarding the application of protective and intumescent coatings.

As inspection and dispute resolution were frequent requests, Dick needed independent accreditation so he put himself through the full training regime at NACE, successfully qualifying and reaching Level 3 in December 2012.

As technical training soon became a key part of FBI Solutions’ activity, Dick became an Instructor for NACE in 2013. He is also a tutor for Corrodere.

Dick has extensive experience both as a shot blasting and painting contractor and paint manufacturer, having joined Leighs Paints in 1981. He started as a technical sales manager in the oil, gas, and marine markets and finished as CEO in 2010. He has nearly 40 years’ experience in the paint industry.

FBI Solutions provides the following technical services:

  • Market surveys & provision of business intelligence

  • Dispute resolution & litigation advice

  • Paint specification design

  • Application efficiency & production improvement advice

  • Paint inspection, testing & reporting

  • Paint failure investigation & reporting

  • Technical training & operator assessment – Norsok M501

  • Quality Systems Advice

  • Recruitment Advice

FBI Solutions also has an excellent network of competent professional specialists and scientists, laboratories and inspectors it uses to assist its clients.