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Dick Frost FBI Solutions Ltd.

“You can retire from a job, but don’t ever retire from making extremely meaningful contributions in life” Stephen Covey

At a leadership retreat held by Strategem+ in 2013, a profound concern expressed by most of the executives present was the perceived lack of principle centred, ethical leadership in business, banking and politics, where self-interest and greed seem to be the order of the day.

If we are to rebuild trust in our institutions and industry, so restoring national pride and productivity in the long term, it was felt that our ultimate challenge as leaders is to find ways of closing this leadership deficit.

As a result, our objective at FBI Solutions is to give back experience and knowledge to help develop and achieve excellence in principle centred, ethical leadership, as inspirational leadership is the foundation of greatness.

“Get involved in something that you care so much about, that you want to make it the greatest it can possibly be, not because of what you will get for doing it, but because it can be done!” Jim Collins

Career Project List

Dick was actively involved in providing support, technical service and advice or specifications on the following projects since 1981:

Oil & Gas:

  • AGIP Tiffany
  • Amerada Hess – Rob Roy
  • Amoco H & J
  • Apache – South East Forties
  • Bluewater FPSO
  • Britoil Beatrice C
  • BP Cleeton
  • BP Miller
  • BP Andrew
  • BP South East Forties
  • Chevron Ninian
  • Hamilton Ravenspurn North
  • Marathon Brae B
  • Marathon East Brae
  • Norsk Hydro Troll
  • Shell Auk
  • Shell Leman A
  • Shell Eider
  • Shell Tern
  • Shell Kittiwake
  • Sonat Inter Ocean 2
  • Sonat John Shaw

MoD: Ships – Maintenance, Dockings & New Builds

  • HMS Ark Royal
  • HMS Illustrious
  • HMS Invincible
  • HMS Queen Elizabeth - BAE
  • HMS Prince of Wales - BAE
  • HMS Albion LPD
  • HMS Bulwark LPH
  • Atlantic Conveyor – Swan Hunter
  • HMS Victory – Portsmouth
  • HMS Ocean
  • Astute Submarines – BAE Systems
  • RFA Wave Knight
  • RFA Wave Ruler
  • RFA Fort Victoria
  • RFA Fort Austin
  • MoD Supply Contract – Portsmouth.


  • Forth Rail Bridge
  • Avon Bridge – Brunel’s
  • Avonmouth Viaduct M5
  • Tsing Ma Suspension – Hong Kong
  • Newark Dyke
  • Tay Rail Bridge
  • Tinsley Viaduct M1
  • High Level Bridge – Newcastle
  • Kap Shui Mun – Cable stay
  • A1/M1 Link bridges

Major Steel Structures:

  • Bandar Abbas Ship Lift
  • Olympic Stadium
  • Shard of Glass
  • Thames Cable Car Crossing
  • The Big One – Blackpool
  • Sizewell B Nuclear Power Stn
  • Thetford Power Stn
  • Emirates Stadium
  • Heathrow T2A & T5
  • Olympic Velodrome
  • The Orbit – Olympic Park
  • Trident Assembly Hall – Barrow
  • BNFL – THORP project
  • Cairo Tank Factory

Refineries, Oil Storage & Renewables:

  • BP Grangemouth
  • AMOCO – Bacton
  • Shell – Brunei
  • E.ON – Humber Gateway TAG
  • BP Sullom Voe
  • Texaco Sunderland
  • SemLogistics, Milford Haven

Dick personally facilitates the following training and services:

Leadership development

– the importance of level 5 – Jim Collins’ insights.

Company Health Diagnostic

– Confronting the brutal facts and SWOT.

Vision modelling

– the “hedgehog concept” and how to build one.

Goal Setting

– forgetting realistic and achievable by thinking big! Jack Black.

Improving execution

– making it happen the Covey way. The 3 circles.

Executive mentoring and one-to-one coaching.

How to engage employees, build teams and continuously improve.

Confidential employee surveys

– confronting brutal facts. Lighting the blue touch paper the John Oliver way.

How to destroy scepticism and create a great culture at work.

Improving creativity

– left and right of brain - Ornstein and Sperry.

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you will probably end up somewhere else!” Joseph Sugarman