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“Our business and some of its main markets went into decline, so for the first time we hit serious losses. There were many tunnels without light at the end of any of them. As the inexperienced new boy, I was desperately looking round for real solutions or books like How to be a successful CEO in 5 Minutes for Idiots!” Dick Frost

Dick’s unshakeable belief is that people are the most important asset in any company, so he promotes and teaches employee engagement to help switch them on.

A passionate advocate of continuous improvement, Dick credits the breakthroughs and improvements he achieved at Leighs to a number of key influencers, who seemed to drop out of the sky just when they were needed.

They were Steven Covey, Jim Collins, Jack Black of Mindstore, Nigel Hill of Leadership Factor and John Oliver OBE, former CEO of Leyland Truck.

Over time, it became clear that there are three things of paramount importance if a business is to be truly successful – Customers, People and Vision. Within “People” the type of leadership is also a key to success – Level 5.

Dick Frost not only shares this knowledge but also explains how to make it happen from his own insights and experience of changing the culture at work for the better in a tough manufacturing environment. The simple goal is to free up hidden potential and improve the business by making it a great place to work, as you can’t build a great business with unhappy people. He is now writing a book to pass on the knowledge.

The Three Importances

The three importances